Sarha Collective is a London-based platform showcasing new perspectives from the Middle East and North Africa. It aims to provide opportunities for audiences in the UK and beyond to learn about and participate in these through exhibitions, performances, film screenings and other inter-disciplinary events.

The collective was formed out of a concern that some of the most groundbreaking, experimental new art, theatre and film being produced in the Middle East and North Africa never reaches audiences outside of the region. 

Sarha aims to challenge narrow understandings of the Middle East and North Africa by providing a space for artists and creatives to communicate directly with audiences on their own terms.

Sarha rejects the characterisation of the “Arab world” as a savage and fanatical region, repressive by nature and doomed to cyclical violence. As a region of romantic and sensual plenty, naive, easily exploited and seduced by the West. And as one homogenous entity, stagnant, anachronistic and in need of constant foreign intervention.

The goal is to work collaboratively with all participants in our projects and we are always interested in commissioning and developing new work. 

We also have a great interest in Arab archives, in rare, lost or “vintage” art, photography, music, theatre and film from across the Middle East and North Africa and a strong desire to celebrate this cultural legacy and bring it to the public attention. 

We aim to support young initiatives and collectives and are always looking to team up and form partnerships with groups who are experimenting artistically and breaking boundaries. 

Being based in London, we also aim to facilitate exchange between artists from across the Arab world, who might otherwise be unable to meet and work together. 

Sarha is  committed to supporting early-career creatives and new, unheard or emerging voices and is particularly interested in hosting those whose work has never been shown in the UK previously. 

We work closely with artists at every stage of development and are always looking for new forms of collaboration and creative exchange as we continue to grow.

If you have an idea and want to see where you can take it, get in touch!